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Although rare, please contact a healthcare professional at the first signs of infection/reactions such as swollen eyes, severe discomfort, etc.

ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMICAL TREATMENTS ON YOUR BROW AREA WITHIN 2 WEEKS PRE OR POST YOUR HENNA BROW TINT TREATMENTS (ex: Brow Tinting or Dyes, Brow Lamination, etc) - the combination a chemical treatment with the natural-based henna treatment will damage your brows & may cause brow hair loss &/or breakage

● No spray tanning 2 weeks prior to your Brow Henna. You can spray tan afterwards, but will need to put a protective balm over the brow area, which can remove some of the skin stain

Recommended Aftercare:

● For the first 24 hours post Brow Henna service: ○ Avoid water, face washing, sweating, and sun for 24hrs ○ Use face wipes for cleansing tonight (avoiding the brow area), and avoid any oils, scrubs, or brightening products ○ If henna results appear too “bold”, it’s still recommended to hold off from washing until at least the next morning and do the following:

■ First, use a dab of oil and wipe with a dry tissue to soften results. If at that point you still want a softer appearance, then wash. Always use a gentle, non-brightening cleanser. Do not scrub

● For the time before & after your next Henna appointments: ○ Avoid home grooming of tweezing or trimming, as it can counter the nutrient growth benefits of the henna treatment


Recommended Aftercare Maintenance Products:

Recommended Follow-up Appointments:

● Most regular henna clients tend to rebook between 4-6 weeks. This will ensure your results are properly maintained. No longer than 8 weeks between services is highly recommended ○ Henna is extremely reparative for damaged brows due to over shaping, at home grooming or thinning due to aging. If this is you, consider repeating this service every 4 weeks


What to expect:

Henna brow dye results can vary from client to client. Natural looking results always fade faster. Fair-haired clients could see longer results than those with dark hair. The stain on the skin can last from 2-14 days with proper care. The Henna dye on the brow hairs can last from 4-6 weeks. Dark haired clients may not experience this, however the benefits of the Henna have been delivered

● Here are a few reasons why Henna fades: oils in the skin can dissolve the stain, dry skin can cause henna to flake off, hormonal imbalances or medications can affect the skin’s ability to hold the stain, sun and moisture of any sort will fade the stain on the skin results faster

● The henna will continue to process for approximately 24 hours post your service, resulting in a slightly darker & ‘cooler’ tone than it appears to be at the time of your service

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