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Although rare, please contact a healthcare professional at the first signs of infection/reactions such as swollen eyes, severe discomfort, etc


Recommended Aftercare:

● Do not wet eyebrows for the first 24 hours and avoid scrubbing/cleansing through them for 48 hours. Use a cleansing wipe or cloth to cleanse around the area, as this will help retain the stain on the skin longer

● Avoid any steam, sauna, pools, or gyms/sweating for the first 24-48 hours

● Avoid any makeup in the eyebrow area in the first 24 hours

● Avoid sun/UV lights where possible: these can cause the dye to fade faster

● Chemicals such as chlorine can speed up how quickly brows can fade, as well

● Avoid spray tanning for three days pre or post treatment as it can react with the dye, leaving an unwanted color result and tinge around eyebrow area

● The color longevity of the stain on the skin depends on the skincare products being used daily and it’s recommended to avoid harsh peeling solutions, scrubs, or anything that’s abrasive to the epidermis


Expected Results:

● The results of the stain on the skin vary depending on the type of skin 3-7 days (oily, dry, normal)

● The color of the stain on the skin will fade within a given amount of time, however, the color in the brow hairs will last for approximately 5-6 weeks until they grow out


Recommended Aftercare Maintenance Products:

What to expect:

● Henna brow dye results can vary from client to client. Natural looking results always fade faster. Fair-haired clients could see longer results than those with dark hair. The stain on the skin can last from 2-14 days with proper care. The Henna dye on the brow hairs can last from 4-6 weeks. Dark haired clients may not experience this, however the benefits of the Henna have been delivered

● Here are a few reasons why Henna fades: oils in the skin can dissolve the stain, dry skin can cause henna to flake off, hormonal imbalances or medications can affect the skin’s ability to hold the stain, sun and moisture of any sort will fade the stain on the skin results faster

● The henna will continue to process for approximately 24 hours post your service, resulting in a slightly darker & ‘cooler’ tone than it appears to be at the time of your service


Recommended Follow-up Appointments:

● Repeat appointments for the Hybrid Brow Dye are typically done every 4-6wks. However, there are some who love a great skin stain, and can repeat the treatment after 3 weeks if they choose to.

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