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Ali is a seasoned esthetician with nearly two decades of expertise in the beauty and wellness industry. Her journey has led her to provide luxury services in some of the most amazing spas across Wilmington, NC , Mount Pleasant, SC and Asheville, NC. Now, she has chosen Craigfields Hair Studio + Spa in Arden, NC as the hub for Glow Studio.
GLOW, meaning 'have a heightened color or a bloom on the skin as a result of warmth or health', encapsulates Ali's philosophy for every treatment she provides. Her holistic approach to skincare and love for Korean Skincare is not about forcing changes, but rather supporting the skin's return to optimal health by leveraging the body's natural healing systems. This intention flows through every aspect of her work, making each treatment a unique and nurturing experience. She believes in personalizing each treatment to her guests' individual needs, ensuring a bespoke skincare journey that resonates with every client's unique skincare goals. With Ali, your skincare is more than a routine; it's a journey towards natural health.

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